Since the netlist has already been placed and routed at later stages, it is generally undesirable to resynthesize the netlist to implement the new logic function because otherwise that is virtually equivalent to starting everything from scratch and much development time is needed. By applying a psmallatch on the post-APR netlist to create the ECOed netlist that fulfills the new logic specification instead, the cost needed to implement the new logic can be much reduced.

Both pre-mask ECO and post-mask ECO require changing the logic function of the circuit design. They are different in the way that what and how the additional logic is implemented. In pre-mask ECO, there is usually no hard constraint regarding the available resources. In post-mask ECO, however, only spare cells reserved for ECO purposes can be used because the netlist layout has already been fixed in the metal level. Not only are the types of spare cells limited, but the number of available spare cells is also strictly constrained.

EasyECOis a tool for Performing Engineering Change Orders, making Functional ECO really easy!

Easy-Logic's EasyECO is an award-wining tool for performing engineering change orders. The core algorithms won the champion in IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD) CAD Contest 2012, 2013, and 2014, which is one of the most significant conference in electronic design automation. EasyECO has been widely tested in the industry. It has been proven that EasyECO can produce patches whose sizes are only 1% of what manual ECO or existing traditional ECO tools could achieve, and in a much shorter time.

EasyECO can carry out both pre-mask and post-mask ECO.

Compared with traditional ECO tools, EasyECO’s innovative ECO procedure shortens ECO time much; EasyECO can be faster up to several ten times than traditional tools.

EasyECO supports advanced technology process (<10nm). Commonly used circuit design techniques such as using multibit-registers and multiple power domains are well supported.

1. Painless

  • Intuitive preparation

  • Push-button execution

2. Fast

  • Save days or weeks of manual ECO

  • Can be much faster than other ECO tools

3. Powerful

  • Support for ECO that are very complex to be done manually

  • Support for physical constraints

4. Accurate

  • Just add the smallest amout of patch logic, and just ntroduce the smallest amount of changes

  • Smaller patch logic usually means easier timing closure

5. Robust

  • Support for any feature size

  • Support for various technology libraries

  • Support for cross power domains

  • Support for cross clock domains

  • Support for ECO in almost all stages in the design flow

  • Support for design of unlimited size

  • Support for patch of unlimited size

EasyECO can complete functional ECO system with all required functions.

1. Design input

  • Gate level netlists (Verilog)

  • Standard cell libraries (Liberty)

  • Synthesis log (SVF, VSDC)

  • Physical constraints (SDC, DEF)

2. Automatic ECO

  • Support for changes about module interface, module addition/removal, register addition/removal, logic transformation, and other kinds of ECO

  • Automatic patch generation

  • Automatic technology mapping

  • Layout-aware

3. Spare cells

  • Support for gate-array cells

  • Support for spare cell instances

  • Support for spare modules

4. Special cell types

  • Support for multi-bit registers

  • Support for power isolation cells

  • Support for clock gating cells

5. Design for test

  • MBIST cells are kept intact

  • Scan chains are preserved

  • Scan chain can be generated during ECO

6. ECO results

  • Optimimally mapped ECOed netlist

  • Scripts for third-party ECO tools

  • 64-bit Linux workstation (Centos 6/7, ArchLinux, RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu)

  • of minimum kernel version 2.6

  • Minimum of 16GB of RAM

  • Minimum of 50GB of free disk space

  • Multi-core decent CPU

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  • On-site and off-site technical assistance and custom training are available

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